Soul-Mirror Intensives

Your space is a mirror of your soul.
Let it map the flow of your heart,
reflect your most sacred missions.

Inside of you is a pulsing force that wants to find freedom, expression, and connection in a myriad ways—through art, word, song, movement, dance, prayer, inspired action. This is your life’s purpose, made manifest in your creative path.

Outside of you is a world waiting to infuse you with energy, to cradle your aspirations, to support your improbable dreams, to deliver precisely what you need, at any given moment.

Your home is a physical reflection of the state of your inner world—your soul. When you gaze into the mirror of your personal space, what do you see? How do you feel? Do you find sanctuary, energy, radiance, and possibility? What if you could create sacred, creative, intentional spaces around where you connect to nature, spirit, and soul you—not only in your home, but in every space you move through?

The Soul-Mirror Intensive

The Soul-Mirror Intensive is a four-month sacred healing experience, designed to transform your entire relationship with self, spirit & space. It is an in-depth journey of your soul through the spaces you inhabit. A revolutionary repositioning of your relationship with your environment. A quest to illuminate the pathways that lead to a deeper connection with your own Sacred Flow, and the Sacred Flow of the universe.

“I am deeply impressed and moved by Marjory’s work. It was truly amazing on so many levels – so much insight, wisdom and connection. I felt truly blessed and very, very grateful. Marjory has helped me both with feng shui consulting for my home and personal counseling. She prepared a detailed Flow book that analyzed everything about my home from its exterior and placement to a deep assessment of each room. It displayed deep intuition and insight as well as an awesome focus on detail. As I read it, I realized that she had captured the essence of how I live and the opportunities for improvement. I am using the analysis to reassess all aspects of how I live, which is why I asked for the personal counseling as well. I am still at the early stages of following through on her advice but simply implementing her recommendations for my study (where I spend a good part of my days), has led to major changes in how I feel. I am now much more happy, creative and energized because I have a much greater sense of openness to flow – it is hard to communicate the magnitude of the difference that her recommendations have yielded. I feel it powerfully on a daily basis.”

~ John Hagel, Co-Chairman of The Deloitte Center for Edge Innovation & Author of The Power of Pull

The Flow:

: You’ll contact me to reserve your Soul-Mirror Intensive. We’ll have an initial interview, to establish your needs, aspirations and intentions, and ensure that this spatial healing intensive is the ideal experience for you, right now.

: We’ll arrange a date for an in-person home walk-through. I’ll move through your space, using feng shui compass techniques to identify the directional polarities of your home. I’ll listen deeply, scanning for blocked energy, and seeking out potential areas for healing integration.

: We’ll connect four times over the course of four months, to identify opportunities for resolution and healing, in your heart, in your home, and in the world.

: I’ll prepare a beautiful Flow Book for you to keep—a custom compendium of physical, aesthetic & spiritual resources & recommendations, including: a space planning lay-out design, color palette choices, sacred art & symbol selections, energy movement & clutter clearing techniques, inspiration for self-expression & connection in space, and personal rituals to align you more closely to the rhythms of the natural world & awaken vibrant, lucid dreaming.

: I’ll create a custom ritual for you to perform, to shift the energies in your space, and set intentions for your life.

: I’ll present a copy of one of my healing Mandalas from my collection, as a healing gift to shift old patterns in both your spirit & your space, and serve as a reminder of your spiritual awakening.

This level of spatial healing & shamanic artistry requires a significant energetic & financial commitment (with additional costs for plan drawings as well as out-of-state & international travel).

If you’re ready to fully awaken into your own Sacred Flow—your highest human potential—and reclaim your own place in the universe, I’d be honored to guide you through an evolutionary soul-quest…starting with the most sacred of spaces: your home.

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