Mandala Magic Sessions

Every space can become sacred space, sanctuary.

A place where healing and creative magic
unfold a beautiful dance of spirit, soul & nature.

You’ve created a home, studio or office that feels vibrant and alive.
Now, it’s time to bless your new sanctuary with sacred art, symbols & intimate rituals.

Experience a Mandala Magic Session

Mandala sessions are a beautiful continuation of your Space Revolution experience, where you’ll see your heart’s calling reflected in altar spaces, at-home rituals, prayer & healing mandalas.

The Flow:

: You’ll contact me to book your Mandala Magic Session. I’ll smile back at your beautiful, eager heart.

: You’ll receive a paypal invoice + agreement to sign. Payment is in full before we book our first session.

: You’ll send me 2-5 pictures of a particular space that you’d like to charge with powerful healing energy, use as a spiritual practice space, or transform into a fortress of creative ecstasy.

: You’ll work through a Mandala Magic questionnaire, and share your replies with me.

: We’ll share two 60-minute Sacred Flow conversations, via phone or Skype.

: You’ll have access to me via email between conversations, for impromptu questions & revelations.

: I’ll prepare a digital Flow Sheet, with sacred symbols & spatial healing suggestions to add sparkle & luminosity to your chosen space.

: I’ll present a copy of one of my Mandalas from my collection, as a healing gift to shift old patterns and serve as a reminder of your spiritual awakening.

If you believe that art can serve as healing medicine, that prayer can be a form of heightened self-expression, and that stepping into your home or workspace should feel like a daily miracle, I can’t wait to share a Mandala Magic Session, with you.

Let’s flow…

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